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the Rabbles/It   4 comments

Too late to matter and too early to tell/Either way, we wish you well/Too this or that to possibly be “it” and that look in your eye/when dreams die/sliding by

Just a fraction of the satisfaction will do for me/easy/Do unto yourself may your heart beat true to keep on do what you love too/How we roll

I blame you and you blame me/round we go/black hole/The idea’s never let up/Why should I speak when you know?/Know the answer/Tell no lies

The day drips away/vanished in plain sight/On the edge of the divide as day it turns into/night….
Blame you and you blame me and you…..

We live this life and we play our parts and round we go/back start/This ain’t no race and there ain’t no prize when all you want to survive/without fear/engineer/love is clear/ending near

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the Rabbles/Psychosomatic   3 comments












Rubbing two sticks together/Cuz it’s now or maybe never/Can’t hardly wait until forever/Not too smart but maybe clever
You want to live a life of style/A fuzzy warm coat of denial/Settle for nothing less than total/Pull every string at your disposal

Free? Or so you’re told/That kind of seeing’s with your eyes closed
Is this the life/You wanted?/No
You’re getting high on the placebo/Situated in your comfort zone/Locked onscreen in your mind control/I try to reach you but you’re not at home

The advertisement on the TV screen/Depicts a life for me that’s so serene/They found a cure for my unhappiness/They figured out why I’m a nervous wreck

What did you expect?/Is this the leash that leads you by the kneck
If it’s not this/Than maybe next/Sense of security is circumspect
Hope you want to reach/An echo chamber of your core beliefs
Look before you leap/Into the deep end of your apathy

Not at home

©rabbylonpress 2014


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