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From the Rabbles collection “How We Roll”


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pic by bluegreen 2013

Do you really want to know/Just how the music goes?
No good reason why/Still I’ll clarify
No matter near you are/Transmissions from afar
Through the folds of time/Set in zig zag lines
There’s a hurt you can’t disguise/A sorrow ‘hind your eyes
No way round the wide/So over we climb

The past is through/it’s no longer you/just a remnant in your mind
Look around and breath/living a daydream
Searching for a trace/for a place to make your stand/On shaky land

And we try so desperately/To make everything complete
Sew up every seam/Seems unraveling
The only way to know/Is when the credits role
and the outtro music plays at the end of our days

©rabbylonpress 2014

the Rabbles/Mexico   Leave a comment

Song two from the Rabbles 2012 lp How We Roll written and sung by Marina.

Hey where did you run to when you ran to rolling down the road/And hey where’d you find out from you found out from everything you know/And who, who let the cat out?/And who, who let the cat out?/Everybody’s talking ’bout where to go/When the shit went down used to be Mexico. (Second verse same as the first)

©rabbylonpress 2014

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