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the Rabbles/Family Strange   Leave a comment

A lifetime slips by/Untapped potential
No one knows why/Or what’s essential
Taking place/Too big to all embrace

Touched by the hand/Of many spirits
Led on our way/and always nearest
Memories of joy/Of little girls and boys

Family strange/and I’m a stranger
No way to relate/this fear or anger
On our own/Blown from a dandelion

We’re just a seed/Chosen and planted
Sprouted and grown/Not understanded
All that much/At once as years go by


the Rabbles/Greyscale Scape   Leave a comment

pic by bluegreen 2013

Do you really want to know/Just how the music goes?
No good reason why/Still I’ll clarify
No matter near you are/Transmissions from afar
Through the folds of time/Set in zig zag lines
There’s a hurt you can’t disguise/A sorrow ‘hind your eyes
No way round the wide/So over we climb

The past is through/it’s no longer you/just a remnant in your mind
Look around and breath/living a daydream
Searching for a trace/for a place to make your stand/On shaky land

And we try so desperately/To make everything complete
Sew up every seam/Seems unraveling
The only way to know/Is when the credits role
and the outtro music plays at the end of our days

©rabbylonpress 2014

the Rabbles/Psychosomatic   3 comments












Rubbing two sticks together/Cuz it’s now or maybe never/Can’t hardly wait until forever/Not too smart but maybe clever
You want to live a life of style/A fuzzy warm coat of denial/Settle for nothing less than total/Pull every string at your disposal

Free? Or so you’re told/That kind of seeing’s with your eyes closed
Is this the life/You wanted?/No
You’re getting high on the placebo/Situated in your comfort zone/Locked onscreen in your mind control/I try to reach you but you’re not at home

The advertisement on the TV screen/Depicts a life for me that’s so serene/They found a cure for my unhappiness/They figured out why I’m a nervous wreck

What did you expect?/Is this the leash that leads you by the kneck
If it’s not this/Than maybe next/Sense of security is circumspect
Hope you want to reach/An echo chamber of your core beliefs
Look before you leap/Into the deep end of your apathy

Not at home

©rabbylonpress 2014


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