The Rabbles are an eclectic rock band from San Francisco founded in 2003.  They play a pastiche of styles influenced by 60’s psychedelia, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s underground post-punk and various art and noise rock.

The band has recorded 5 DIY albums, Rabble Music (2004), Rabble Rabble (2008), Rabbylon (2009), Dabble (2010) and How We Roll (2012). Each is a unique collection of curios spanning lush pop to abrasive dissonance.

The members of The Rabbles have been a part of San Francisco’s music scene for the past two decades in the bands Static Faction, Aerosol Species, Blue Gum Art, Shmoogie, Ghost Echoes, and The Love X Nowhere.

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

Jamie Kimmel-Bass/Vocals, Marina Lazzara-Guitar/Vocals, Crash Mairs Drums/Vocals, Micheal Chulada-Organ/Synth, captjrab-Gutiar/Vocals




Posted June 4, 2012 by captjrab

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