The Rabbles are an eclectic rock band from San Francisco founded in 2003. They play a pastiche of styles influenced by 60’s psychedelia, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s underground post-punk, art and indie rock.

“Like the wild love child of the San Francisco underground that they are, The Rabbles’ cosmic psyche pop combine seemingly disparate flavors that taste surprisingly delicious together: jangly eighties post-punk, dreamy sixties girl group textures, reverb drenched psychedelic guitar, artful noise, soaring group harmonies, and heavy but fun songwriting. Truly bohemian in an age of fake authenticity, the Rabbles are a perfumed breeze of surrealist pop perfection.”

Anthony Pulsipher, Spider Meow

the Rabbles are:
J.Lee, Dave Mairs, Marina Lazzara, Ron Guensche, with Michael Chulada, Kevin Van Yserloo and Brian Lucas

Posted June 4, 2012 by captjrab

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