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from the Rabbles/How We Roll

They say that freedom’s not free
People dieing for you and for me
In some forgotten place
Dropping bombs on the human race
Embrace/For many people this world’s such a lonely place
And I take a deep breath
And I’m counting to ten
Resonating with the mis en scene
I said
Don’t try to hide
All alone in your hiding place
Sometimes by su’prise
You’ll find there’s no such thing as a mistake
Hand in hand
When the words aren’t the best way to understand
And we pick ourselves up from the place where we land
With the feeling you’re your only friend
I said
It’s easy to see
I’d rather you beside me than be cut free
And do you obey
Hidden forces try’na make us a slave?
Not too late
At the crossroads of your chosen path
And my jing is a jank
and my funk is a bunk
Am I leaving or I only begun?
What would you say?


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