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Rabbylon (2009)

Rabbylon (2009)

Released with the Rabbles Dabble originally, I recently gave Rabbylon a listen and realized it has it’s own canvas, message and character. Recorded at the Grant Building on 7th St. and Market in SF, Rabbylon was recorded by J. and Jesse on a fourtrack reel to reel. It’s sonic (Mind’s Rhyme) lofi (Let’s) aggressive (the Envelope) and poppy (Group Hug). Lyrically, this lp exhibits a common sense political theme balanced with a poetic sense of humor. Rabylon is the first Rabbles lp with Jamie Kimmel on bass, backing vocals and songwriting (Waiting for the Machine). Marina also contributes several songs to this set and the Rabs also record a cover “Havin a Good Time” by Bob Bradley. The band has had a democratic approach to songwriting and set crafting ever since.

Group Hug
Bourgeois Eyes
The Envelope
Borrow Song
Havin’ a Good Time
Mind’s Rhyme
Waiting for the Machine
From Here to Oblivion

All songs ©therabbles/rabbylon press

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