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the Rabbles/Rabble Music

Rabble Music

Rabble Music is the most straight forward pop of all the Rabs albums, capturing the original incarnation of the Rabbles with J.Lee on vocals and guitar, Jesse Parsons on bass and backround vocals and Colleen Nagle on drums. It was recorded by J.Lee and Jesse Parsons at Starcleaners II (on Fillmore St., SF).

Exuberant 12 string arrangements of True Come Dream and Mattera’ Timin’ combine with the humorous and psychedelic Commie Moon, the drama of Prom Theme pt.2 and the acoustic folk waltz of Time Bombs.  This collection of genre hopping folk rock is sincere, catchy and easy for most to digest. All the elements are there for a heartfelt trip into the Rabbles world view of the time.

” Aerosol Species, my previous band, had changed so many times by this point (2003) that I decided to finally put it to rest and start the Rabbles. I had these 11 tunes ready to go and they became our first set and album.” recalls J.Lee of this period.





Just Wanted to Know
True Come Dream
Baby, You Know It
Commie Moon
Love Powa
Smile Hangover
Time Bombs
Mattera Timin’
Prom Theme pt.2
You Win

All songs ©therabbles/rabbylon press

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