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the Rabbles/Dabble

The Rabbles/Dabble

The Rabbles fourth album Dabble was recorded and released in 2010. The band was evicted from the its Market St. office space and moved to a storefront on 7th St. called Exit 154 where they performed shows in the basement and set up their DIY recording studio. “It was a cool space. Kinda like a bowling alley, really long and narrow.” recalls captjrab.  There were many trials and travails at Exit 154. “We got flooded and had to bail out the entire space which was a real drag and then there was the time we let the Bay Area Anarchists throw a dance party which was infiltrated by undercover cops who provoked a riot. That was pretty much the end, but we made the NY Times, haha.” Dabble uses San Francisco as the setting for many of it’s topical songs like the sonic swirling Trash Days, the jaunty Last of thee Olde Renters and the sprawling psychedelic Riding to the Sunset. As per usual, this batch of songs takes on a political direction with Dissenter’s Descent I Require a Choir and Amanda Bland. “We write about what’s in front of us. The struggles of living in an overpriced, gentrified, heartless city. We hold up the mirror.”  Despite all these hardships, Dabble was their best sounding record up to that time. “We had it pretty good. Free reign, endless recording time and some great parties where we got to book our friends bands and have art shows.”






Amanda Bland
Trash Days
I Require a Choir
Plastic Ocean
Dissenter’s Descent
What Goes Up
Last of thee Olde Renters
Riding to the Sunset

All songs ©therabbles/rabbylon press

Posted May 31, 2014 by captjrab

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