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Cover art by Jim Swanson


Many twists and turns resulted in RabbleRabble, the second album by the SF band the Rabbles. “I went to India for four months and took a cheap impossible to tune Harmony acoustic guitar with me and wrote the entire album. I’d be walking around strumming out these chords and crowds of Indians would surround me on the street and say “Hello. One song, please.” Eventually I’d go up to my guesthouse and disappear for a few days crafting these songs and recording them on a minidisk. It was a fertile time.”
Lineup changes reinforced the band upon his return to the States. “When I got back I was on Valencia St. and I see this guy with a snare drum who I’ve seen around the practice space and I asked him hey you wanna play in my band?” remembers Lee of their current drummer of six years Dave “Crash” Mairs. Marina Lazzara had also recently joined the band on guitar and vocals the previous fall. With Mairs, Lazzara and Jesse Parsons, the band repaired to an office building on 7th and Market St. SF, and set about recording an album which would become RabbleRabble. Though written in India, the influence of the Subcontinent is not obvious as you listen through RR. As with all their albums, the Rabbles jump genres from the hard rocking bookends Maha Dave and Into the Light to the poppy My Hand in Life, Happy Slant and 2nd Coming, the bravado of Lifetime Member and the funeral like dirge of Me & You. Familiarity abounds within this collection of songs.
Lifetime Member
Second Coming
My Hand in Life
Baby Oh!
I Shouldn’t But I Will
Break Me Out
End of the Line
Happy Slant
Here Comes the Shun
In This Town
Me & You

All songs ©therabbles/rabbylon press

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